I’m a student of human nature, which is why I design interfaces for a living. I constantly study how people relate to technology, and I like to invent elegant answers to complex HCI problems. I provide software and web projects with clarity of purpose, and I create detailed interaction designs to bring them to their potential. In short, I help close the gap between what things do and why they exist.

If you need an interface designed, or if you’re ready to subject your existing one to pitiless professional scrutiny, email justin@mulwee.com.

UX/UI Discourse

Can we please stop making worthless apps now?The social perils of pressing buttons.

Interfaces I Designed

Ginkgotree AppZipTours SearchRestaurant Logic

Besides work, I like to write. My main project (forthcoming) is a post-cyberpunk noir crime fiction webcomic about a civil rights movement among androids.

Other than that, I mostly write absurdist shorts about people meeting each other, or depressing nonfiction about damaged women.

That's my typewriter on the right. It was my grandfather's.


Minerva CovenantBright Sun, Moth EaterThe ObeliskWhen Strangers Knock (2007)Consensual Homicide (2006)

Creative Nonfiction

TrustStraysExit 87Lost Dogs (2006)My UFO Cult Adventure (2009)The FadingS'mores & Psychopaths (2005)Are We Having Fun Yet? (2005)


Autobiography of a Human Melting PotA Brief Manifesto for Modern Monks


KindraKentfield Street

Other Creations